You didn’t land on this site by mistake. Back To Manhood is a space for every man out there, no matter what your current situation is.

Truth is, the world around you is telling you that your manliness is a bad thing. That you should conform and that everyone of the two sexes (yes, we said two) should think, act, and perform the same. That just isn’t true and history has shown us that.

Women are vital to who we are and deserve your utmost respect, but men, you were created to be different. Our mission is to help you become the man that your wife desires and that your children need.

Even if you aren’t currently married nor do you have children, great, this is still for you! Don’t wait to become that man. You can do it now. Your family depends on it. So, get out from under the rock and enter the wild.

Images provided by Aaron “Squeak” Webb.


Justin Raby, Founder

I am a graduate of Southern Illinois University and currently work as a Physical Therapist Assistant in the rehab nursing setting. My life became so much more amazing and profound the day that I married the lovely Amber Raby and am the father to a wonderful little girl. Growing up with 3 other brothers there was always an abundance of testosterone in the Raby household but we were blessed to be lead by a man who taught us the value of relationship, respect, and integrity. It is my hope to offer useful insight into what it means to be a man in this ever-changing world we live in. I may be no expert or have all the answers, but I am striving to be the man that you will learn about by joining us here at Back To Manhood.

Joey Moyers, Founder

I am a Police Officer by trade. I grew up in a tiny town named Valier, Illinois and went to Sesser-Valier High School. I attended Rend Lake College where I earned my Associates in Arts and Associates in Science. I then attended Southern Illinois University Carbondale where I earned a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. I am currently an investigator for the West City Police Department. I won big time when I married the love of my life (Meredith) in 2006 and now have 3 awesome children.