Your neighbor is not just the person living next door. It is anyone you do life with, in any capacity. We believe that it is our duty as men to share the good things that other people are doing in this world. They are all around us. Check these people out and get involved with them however possible.


MeaningFull Books

MeaningFull Books


MeaningFull Books

At a young age, Connor James lost his father to a sudden heart attack, leaving many things he wished he could have told him behind. Years later, Connor came across some things his father had written about him on a piece of paper. At that moment he felt close to his father again and it transformed the way he thought of hand written words. This lead him to creating MeaningFull Books. 
It is his belief that we all have thoughtful words in our hearts and sometimes we just need a little help sharing them with those we love most. 
@meaningfullbooks has the framework to walk you through doing just that. To put your own words into written form as a way to let those closest to you know exactly how you feel, that will last a lifetime and beyond. During the process, it not only changes the life of the person receiving the book, but also you as the writer. Reliving memories, sharing things that may have been unsaid as of yet, and expressing hopes for the future. 
As someone who as given two MeaningFull Books, I can attest to truly how powerful this product is. Connor also hosts the Creating Meaningfull Moments Podcast, giving you weekly interviews and messages for gaining perspective to keep fighting for the people you love.

-There is power in your words
-You are a thoughtful person
-If you don't take time to tell them today, you may not get the chance tomorrow. - @withconnorjames


Burg’s Hair and Tattoo Parlour  Tues-Sat 9-7

Burg’s Hair and Tattoo Parlour

Tues-Sat 9-7


Burg’s Hair Parlour

Burg's Hair and Tattoo Parlour is a Classic Style Barbershop and Tattoo shop under one roof. We offer high quality hair services and customized tattoo art. A place for the white and blue collar alike. *Appointments preferred.



Joseph Kosma

When you are around Joseph Kosma you can feel his fun, passionate, creative energy for photography, video, and Jesus. His award winning photography and ministry with Jesus have taken him around the world. For speaking and photography inquiry, contact him at 1-618-924-6669. Follow him on Facebook:; Instagram: @kosmajoseph; and Youtube: