Limits? Lose Em' w/Joseph Kosma (EP 27)

We are joined by the awesome Mr. Joseph Kosma in today’s episode. Joseph brings in some incredible insight into the topic of living life without limitations. After a tragic accident nearly 20 years ago, where he shouldn’t have even lived, Joseph has taken what some would say are limitations or handicaps and he has blown the doors off of that life-sentence. From photography to traveling around the world, Joseph will leave you inspired to get off your butt and get out and live!

Dude, What Are You Watching?

The topic of discussion in this episode is that of our choices of entertainment. The music we listen to, the tv and movies we watch, the things we spend our time and money on. They have a lasting effect on you. On your thoughts, your words, attitude, and actions whether you realize it or not. You’ll hear why we think it is important to choose these things wisely.

Parenting and Youth Sports PART ONE w/Shane Garner

In this 2 part episode, Justin and Joey are joined by 12 year coaching veteran Shane Garner. Shane brings unique perspective to this discussion as a former division 1 athlete, a coach, an official, and as a father. This conversation is a must hear for anyone who has a young athlete, coaches, or just enjoys being a fan. Everyone can benefit from this.